Organize your corporate event at Normandy Le Chantier

Besides the traditonal end-of-year party and all formal events like seminars and conferences, it is encourage to host corporate parties to ease relationship boundings between your collaborators in a casual environment. Whether it is an afterwork, a team building or a coktail evening, here’s a few advices to succeed in setting-up an event in a unique venue like the Normandy Hotel Paris.

Ideally located in the heart of Paris, near the Louvre Museum, Jardin des Tuileries and Opéra Garnier. In the 1st district of Paris, its location is perfect to organize any event in Paris.


The planning is the most important part. You must clearly determine the goal of your event. Is it the team-bulding between your associates. Your aim is to transmit the company’s vision to your partners ?Or is it the promotion of your newly released product ? According to your answer, you can now select the most suitable place. Anyways, the purpose of your event must be clearly idenfied by your team. Throughout this first phase, flexibility is key, whether for the choice of the entertainment, the caterer or even the date. By identifying precisely your audience, you’re holding all the cards to your success. Finally, a themed party could be a great choice and don’t forget to plan some breaks with entertainements.

In the mean time, you will need to communicate internally and inform your team of the purpose of the event. During this first phase, anticipation and flexibility are essential, whether for the choice of animations, the caterer or to set the date of the event. If your aim is clear and defined, it will be easier to plan your event, estimate the budget needed to achieve it and finally determine the most appropriate location according to your needs.

Theme evenings in unusual places are increasingly popular, think about it!

Set the budget for your evening or event


No matter which theme you choose, you will need to clearly define the budget allocated to the event. This will make it easier for you to choose the activities and animations to include, according to your budget. In any case, it is always recommended to compare the different offers and ask for a quote before signing a contract.

Choose the right place

To change, you want to organize your business event in an unusual place?

Thus, in a less formal setting than your open-space, the hierarchical links are erased and leave room for spontaneity. Your employees, coming out of their usual work environment, will feel more comfortable and it will be easier to create relationships.

The former Normandy Hotel, now Normandy Le Chantier started a renovation program in 2019. In this context, Machefert Group, which owns the hotel, has devised a hybrid and immersive concept to bring together in a harmonious way workers, hotel guests and Parisians passing through the restaurant or in one of the hotel’s bars. Normandy Le Chantier will be able to welcome you and its unusual side will certainly impress your guests by creating a unique atmosphere.

With 3 reception rooms, the Salon Saint-Honoré, the Salon Argenteuil and the legendary Il Palazzo reception room, you will be spoilt for choice to organize your corporate event. In addition, the hotel can also take in charge your cocktail aperitif or dinatoire provided by the team of the Comptoir du Chantier.

Animations on the cocktails can be imagined if you like the idea. You will have the opportunity to learn the art of mixology. Our bartenders will be happy to teach you their methods of preparation and to teach you some recipes of cocktails with or without alcohol. All that remains is to imitate them in your home to impress your friends. Finally, a hidden bar with a unique concept in France is hidden in the hotel’s basements and can also be privatized. Discover REHAB, under the restaurant, Le Comptoir du Chantier, and dive into a universe between the apothecary shop and the opium den. Your employees will not be ready. Everything is possible at Normandy Le Chantier, the only limit will be your imagination.

Our team will advise you to plan, organize and set up your event according to your needs and constraints.

Normandy Le Chantier is waiting for you for a successful business evening!

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