Our commitments


Our commitments


In order to make tourism more sustainable and do our part for the environment, we have set up a number of actions within our hotel:

The change of sheets and towels in the rooms is not systematic, and guests can ask for their linens to be changed whenever they wish. The use of LED bulbs, which consume less energy than conventional bulbs. In order to reduce water consumption, we have installed aerators and water reduction systems for sanitary facilities and showers. Our hospitality products are dispensed in refillable dispensers to limit the use of plastics. We are also partners ofUnisoap, an association that recycles our soaps to provide access to hygiene for the underprivileged. We provide our customers with a waste sorting system. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

We have trained our staff in social and environmental responsibility. We use food products from fair trade or French and/or organic farming.

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