Normandy's Workout Suites  

New space dedicated to work-out, fitness and well-being


Fitness center

Machefert Group & Pretorian Gym

Suites 310, 311 et 312


In an elegant setting begins a well-being interlude, the break you need to release the tensions of our busy everyday life, soothe body and mind and spend a good time dedicated to you only.

The hotel's fitness spaces aoffer you a selection of the latest equipment for physical exercises, weight lifting, crossfit, HIIT, yoga and cardio training.

Our fitness suites provide you with all the comfort and equipment you need for an effective workout in a refined space dedicated to your well-being.

A private coaching service is also available for personalized training sessions in partnership with the Pretorian brand. This individualized class takes place in the Pretorian GYM spaces.






Work-out and revitalize




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