Eat, Drink & Celebrate 


Normandy Le Chantier and its unique concept may be your next favorite place-like-home. In its bar, restaurant and several events spaces  you can work, relax, have a drink or eat some sweet treats freely.

Thanks to its location in the heart of Paris, Normandy Le Chantier can host art exhibitions, openings, closing evenings, press events, fashion shows, musical concerts including its own piano, ephemeral events, among others.


A new healthy (yet !) wonderfully gourmet breakfast

 We would love to treat you to our new, delicious breakfast. Whether you prefer to kickstart the day with a “coffee and croissant” kind of breakfast, or to take your time with a relaxed and generous meal, we curated a wide selection of fresh new products just for you !

Welcome to the Family !


Our event spaces

With a potential capacity of over 150 people in the  Il Palazzo room, oour 4 event spaces and the Le Comptoir du Chantier, we are ready to bring your idea to life in a creative and unique manner. Contact us in order to discover our special tarifs by telephone at +33 (1) 42 60 91 22 or by email at

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