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Normandy Hotel est un établissement des Hôtels de Paris.

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The charm of the Belle Epoque in the heart of Paris

A majestic, retro-style décor in a creative district

The grand-Parisian-hotel feeling reigns here. The Haussmann architectural details, such as the marble colonnades, the scroll staircase, and the series of reception rooms, create a majestic decor with a pleasantly retro feel. 
The venerable restaurant, dating back to 1877, brightens up breakfast time. Il Palazzo has regained its lustre after a meticulous renovation and a contemporary use of space achieved by Marc Dumas. The sumptuous 7-foot high ceilings, in true Napoleon III style, bear witness to the glorious moments experienced by this Parisian institution.
The view of the Louvre and Rue St-Honoré, reputed for its haute-couture shops, is an exceptional privilege that the rooms and suites generously grant to guests. With two elevators, the view from the upper floors is exquisitely unique over the Parisian rooftops. French savoir-faire is evident in the elegant decor and the attentive, discreet service.
Mercredi 21 Novembre 2018
Paris, France

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The district

The bustling centre of Paris is an integral part of the history of France. The Louvre, now among the largest museums in the world, was also a royal palace. This explains the particular architectural rhythm of the arches of the Rue de Rivoli, echoing the regularity of the beat of the court’s horses passing by! From the sumptuous Paris City Hall to the Gothic Tour Saint-Jacques – the recently renovated tower which is the starting point for the pilgrimage to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle – up to the Place de la Concorde, the Rue de Rivoli follows the historical axis of Paris. It links the Louvre to the Château de Saint-Germain and has structured a good share of the city’s urban planning since the 16th century.

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  • The "Belle Époque"-style bar
  • The Il Palazzo conference room
  • The suites on the main facade
  • The very grand-Parisian-hotel feeling